Associates Co., Ltd. realize High Demensions of Energy Cost Reduction and Reserving Safty Water, with High Technological Skills of GroundWater Usage and SeaWater Desalination.


GroundWater Usage

Reduction of Waterworks Rate by Groundwater Usage

Every time Paid Water Expenses, included Waterworks Rate and Sewerage charge,
But Digging Well and Filtered Well Water in Customer's Facilities, Enable to Meet the Standards and Optimizing for Drinking Water.
In Case of Rental Contract for Groundwater Usage Plant, Reduction Cost of Waterworks Rate "20%-50%" and Initial Cost to "ZERO",
and Payment of Cost "20%-50% OFF" Optimizing Treated Water Compared to Supplied from Public Water System.
And Furthermore, Reducing Initial Cost in case of new Construction, Share with us the Cost of Constructions.(Example, Water Receiving Tank)
For Customers Benefits are the Standards and Optimizing for Safety and Tasty Water which is good Effects for Sales. Moreover Contribute to Responsibility and Disaster Management for the earthquakes in Japan.
(There is the case of Water Source that Industrial Water or other Water)

The Advantages of Introducing Membrane Filtration System for Groundwater Usage

Reduction of Waterworks Rate
Reduction Cost of Waterworks Rate "20%-50%" Compared to Supplied from Public Water System.
Supply Water for Safety and Amenity
Innovating Reverse Osmosis Membrane Device System, Optimizing Treated Water More Advanced Than Supplied from Public Water System.
Complete Removement of Physically Impurities Containing Pathogen etc. by Membrane Filtration System
Ensure the Lifeline
Well Water is less influence of the earthquake, enable to use water as usual, Electricity supply without interruption, even if Water outage by Placement damage of Public Water Supply on the disaster.
Just in case Placement damage in Groundwater Usage Plant, Enable to recover earlier to Compared to Supplied from Public Water System.

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Reduction 60% Power Consumption


GroundWater Usage

By paying waterworks rate as water supply

SeaWater Desalination

Reduction 60% Power Consumption

Energy Conservation

Cost reduction by the general suggestion


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